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Apparently A Little Girl Was Not a Hostage, Dad Arrested After Sunday Incident

WALLS, Miss.–Sunday morning wasn’t the calm day of rest it usually is in DeSoto County when what many people thought was a hostage situation involving a dad and his two-year-old developed in Walls.

The mom called police and told them her husband, 26-year-old Cassidy Thomas, had their little girl and had barricaded himself in their apartment.

“Due to the situation, there being a 2-year-old involved, we wanted to make sure we were as safe as possible. We called DeSoto County to assist us, which they did. In turn, they brought the SWAT team out,” Assistant Walls Chief, Mo Equires told WMC TV.

When they drilled through the ceiling from the floor of the apartment above, they saw no one.

A phone call to the dad determined he was driving around with the daughter and he turned himself in and brought the little girl to the mom.

Thomas was jailed on domestic violence and disturbance charges.

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