Cooking Cookies in the Car on a Hot Summer Day UPDATE


JACKSON, Miss. – The weather is extremely hot in Mississippi right now because of a heat wave. I decided to do a little science experiment in the car. This morning around 9 a.m. I put some slice and bake cookies on a cookie sheet and set them on my dashboard. I am hoping that I will have some delicious cookies by the end of the day. If it is at least 95 degrees outside it should be well over 130 degrees in the car.

Here is a video of the progress and me describing the cookies as looking “pretty good” far too many times.

If you were not able to watch the video. I’ll have you know that the cookies turned out pretty tasty. If you decide to try baking car cookies yourself, eat at your own risk. I’m not a scientist. If anything, you will have the best smelling car in town.


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