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Duck Dynasty: What Mississippians Are Saying

JACKSON, Miss.–It seems that a lot of Mississippians love Duck Dynasty and are incensed about A&E suspending Phil Robertson indefinitely, in other words, firing him, because of his comments to GQ magazine.

Here is what some of you are saying on News Mississippi’s Facebook page:

I think its time to stop watching a&e..and stop using any products advertised there…time to get rid of this pc garbage that endangers freedom of speech

I think if he had kissed a man it would have been shown on TV, but since he spoke of his moral and religious beliefs, when ask the question “during an interview -not even on the show” they find that unacceptable. A&E (in my opinion) now is a unacceptable network to watch or support in anyway!!!

Here’s one that does not support Phil:

A&E must have sponsors, sponsors must have customers, if a featured star on an A&E program makes a public statement that offends potential customers of a sponsor, A&E risks losing sponsorship as sponsors try to distance themselves from the person offending their potential customers. This is not an abridgement of free speech; this is a bussiness decision. Robertson still has every right to speak his mind, but A&E is not obligated to stand by him or his opinions.

And a response:

Liberals in the public eye say horrible hateful things in relation to their faith and beliefs. Nothing happens to them. Let a Christian speak and it is time to punish. 
As for sponsors?? Walmart is projected to make millions of dollars on Duck Dynasty merchandise. You think the LGBT community buys that stuff or watches the show anyway? If they do, they already know what Phil thinks and believes.

Here’s where you can comment:

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