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Fueling Up with Natural Gas

Chip Ward

JACKSON, Miss. – You are playing over three dollars to put a gallon in your car, but natural gas companies say that could be cheaper. Several natural gas providers made their way to the capital city Tuesday to showcase their cars that run on compressed natural gas.


“Its 70 cents to a $1.25 if you pump it privately, publicly its about $1.99,” said Kent Meadows spokesman for NGV Solutions.

Meadows says natural gas is not only cheaper but it is also cleaner.

“It’s using a Mississippi natural resource rather than crude oil from foreign countries. It’s clean burning, which is much better for the air.”

Meadows says compressed natural gas would be beneficial to areas like DeSoto County where they have fallen under the EPA’s more stringent air quality rules.

Although natural gas is inexpensive to use, most conversions for vehicles are expensive running between $10,000 and $12,000. The conversion adds a second fueling system onto a vehicle so that the driver can continue to run on gasoline if no compressed natural gas is available. Also, the infrastructure for fueling has not been put in place, although there are several private fleets that do their own compression in the state.

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