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Gas Prices Down for Good Friday, Could Jump With New Blend

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Chris Davis

JACKSON, Miss.–If you’re headed out to grandma’s for Easter weekend, you’ll feel less of a sting at the pump. Mississippi’s average gas price is down to $3.41 per gallon of regular. That puts the state average some 20 cents below the national average of $3.62 for Good Friday.

While analyst Trilby Lundberg is predicting that prices could go down a bit more with pressures easing on the industry as a whole, there’s a new blend being endorsed by automakers and the EPA alike that could cause prices to jump some 10 cents per gallon.

The goal is to make gas cleaner, say industry leaders.

The oil industry is predicting the possible 10 cent hike, while the EPA says there’s no way it should go up more than a penny per gallon.

The new standards, which the EPA is now moving forward with, would reduce the amount of sulphur in gas by two thirds, while imposing new pollution standards to be in place by 2017.

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