George Zimmerman Not Guilty: Mississippi Reacts

George Zimmerman

JACKSON, Miss.–News Mississippi’s Facebook page was filling up with your comments following the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict in the death of Treyvon Martin in Florida. You can opine at

Here are some of your comments (These do not reflect the views of News Mississippi or parent company TeleSouth)

The right verdict given the evidence

I hate that there was loss of life, but glad to know the Justice System still works. The Prosecution did not present the evidence to convict him of anything. Justice prevailed.

I didn’t think that they had enough evidence for 2nd degree if anything they had enough for manslaughter but what ever they came up with is on then. Praying for all concerned

Just food for thought, Would we have to be concerned , or deal with violence, looting, and tribal justice on the street if he would have been found guilty? Are we at the tipping point of one culture replacing another?

Glad it’s over. Now you in the media can move on to the next spectacle.

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