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Hal White, Unique Mississippian, Dies of Aneurysm

Chris Davis

JACKSON, Miss.–Many of you have enjoyed concerts at Hal and Mal’s. From John Prine to Warren Zevon to the Alabama Shake, the restaurant has offered entertainment and a unique blend of Mississippi food for decades. Much of its personality came from co-founder Hal White, who died Thursday at 64.

His brother, Malcolm White, has been the one in the spotlight for much of the time the place has been open, serving in several positions that promote Mississippi culture. But the legacy of the White family, the business and the state would not have been the same without Hal’s contributions.

His brother said as much in a Facebook post:

“In a world of ordinary, Hal chose to be extraordinary. In a world of  indifference, Hal chose to make a difference. In a world of ‘I can’t,’ Hal said,  ‘I will.’ We may never know the  quantity or extent of the lives that Hal touched, but his reach was far and  wide. To know him was to love him!”

White suffered an aneurysm Saturday and had been in a medically induced coma at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson.

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