Internet Sales Tax-You Could Pay If Senate Bill Passes

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Because you live in Mississippi, you could soon be forced to pay sales tax on things you buy over the internet. There’s a bill that’s going before the U.S. Senate that, if it becomes law, would make you pay the tax that most states who have a sales tax do not collect right now.

You may not have known it, but people in states that have a sales tax, like Mississippi with 7 percent, are supposed to pay the tax. But, the law does not force companies to collect it and most don’t want to because of the expense involved. The only time enforcement is required is when the company and the customer are in the same state.

The companies that would be affected by this bill are those, like Amazon, that make over $1 million per year on internet sales.

Some regular retailers say the new plan is fair because they are forced to collect the tax.


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