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“The Laramie Project” is Over, Ole Miss Gay Bashers Sought in It’s Wake

OXFORD, Miss.–A performance of “The Laramie Project”, a play about the bullying of a gay person, was disrupted on the Ole Miss. campus last week by a person, or people, possibly yelling gay slurs. Now everyone in that audience is getting an extra dose of education on the issue.

It was not clear exactly who said what during the performance, according to a statement on the Ole Miss website, but what is clear is that a decision by the Bias Incident Response Team requires all students who were there to attend “an educational dialogue session led by University faculty and Allies”.

“Cast members are invited to participate as well. The dialogue will seek to repair the harm that was done to the effected community,” said the site.

It was apparent that student athletes were being blamed, but individuals were not named.

“Our committee will work to address individual behavior, group behavior, and bystander behavior. The Bias Incident Response Team plans to meet Monday with faculty members in the Theater Department, staff members in the Department of Athletics and affected students,” said the website.

It was unclear what authority the Bias response team has to enforce a required attendance of a meeting, or education session. The website said the team was established in the Spring 2013 semester.

LINK: Ole Miss statement:

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