Man Who Burned Dog to Death May Have Been on Meth

GEORGE COUNTY, Miss.–A dog is dead after being set on fire and burned Tuesday night and the man accused may have been on meth when it happened.

WLOX reported callers to 911 told deputies 20-year-old Brandon Pierce was “crazy on meth” when he may have dowsed Socks the dog with a flammable material and lit a match. That fire left the animal severely injured and lingering for several day before he finally succumbed Thursday.

Pierce is now charged with animal cruelty after spending some time in a local hospital before being taken to jail.

Because of previous animal cruelty trouble, he could get a stiffer sentence of a $5,000 fine and a year in jail. Mississippi has notoriously had some of the weakest animal cruelty laws in the country.

Cops say Pierce told them that he was trying to kill his dog to help him get to heaven, though he put the animal through hell fire to do it.

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