MDOT Promoting Work Zone Safety

JACKSON, Miss.– The Mississippi Department of Transportation is promoting work zone safety for workers all around the state this week.

MDOT employees joined members of the Mississippi Transportation Commission, Federal Highway Administration, and the Mississippi Highway Patrol on Tuesday to have a memorial press conference to recognize workers who have been fatally injured in works zones over the years.

“And we just have to bring to the motoring public’s attention how important it is to pay attention on the roadways,” said MHP Lieutenant Johnny Poulus.

Over the years there have been 41 MDOT workers who have been killed in work zone accidents.

“Pay attention, follow the rules, follow the speed limit, and put down the cell phone unless you absolutely have to use it,” said Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall.  “Four out of five people killed in work zone related wrecks are actually the driver and there passengers.”

All officials emphasized the importance at the end of the day that all workers and drivers get back to their family’s safely.

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