Mississippi Soldier Who Died in Korea Coming Home to Rest

LEXINGTON, Miss.–No one knows how old Willard Williams was when he died. He passed away in a foreign country and may have even been a prisoner of war. No the Korean War soldier is coming back to his home state to rest.

Williams was last seen November, 1950, as the war between North and South Korea raged on. The U.S. was heavily involved in the conflict, on the side of South Korea in an attempt to prevent a takeover by the communist north.

His relatives back in Mississippi had no idea where he was, thinking for some time that he may have had amnesia and come home not knowing to return to Lexington in Holmes County. But, the Army stepped up efforts in recent years to ID soldiers who died overseas and bring them home for an honorable burial.

Williams is set to get just that Wednesday, in a family plot in his native Holmes County.

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