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The Not So New Drug Molly Making a Miss. Comeback

JACKSON, Miss. – Have you heard of Molly? It is the not so new drug that is making its presence known once again in Mississippi. You might have heard of it called other things like ecstasy, MDMA, or the love drug. According to Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics director Marshal Fisher the main place they are seeing the drug is at the state’s major college campuses.

“A lot of what we are getting looks like little shards of glass, like meth or ice. The stuff can come in so many different forms, power, pills,” said Fisher. He says that is one of the reasons the drug is hard to keep track of.

One of the major problems he says is that there is no control over the drug’s manufacturing, so you do not know what you are really getting. It could have be made in someone’s bathtub.

People have died nationwide using the drug. While under its effects, it raises the body’s temperature. If you do not stay hydrated it can lead to brain damage, even death.

“You know, I don’t think we see people dropping dead from the use of it, but it is dangerous.”

Beyond the use of molly Fisher says the major drug problem in Mississippi is still prescription drug abuse.

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